Wind Crew 1


The "Wind Crew 1" was designed to operate in the rough waters of Norway. The monohull design proves onself by its soft and continuous movements in the sea. This increases the transfer comfort of passengers against catamarans whose movements in the sea are subject to faster changes of direction.

The Main Saloon of "Wind Crew 1" is located in the midships area of the hull and is thus perfectly arranged in the center of gravity of the vessel. This arrangement minimizes the acceleration forces that act on passengers during transfers on sea and thus ensures a comfortable stay during the transfer on board.

Our Vessel Wind Crew 1

The "Wind Crew 1" has a spacious saloon divided in two areas with tables, a total of 22 seats and 3 additional benches in the forward hull and lobby area. This provides more than enough space for the transport of 12 passengers.
The vessel has a bow fender custom designed by RG Seasight. Two MAN main engines, with a total output of 1324 kW, accelerating the vessel to a top speed of 28 knots and enable fuel-efficient operation at a service speed of 24 knots.
For survey operations a survey room is located directly behind the wheelhouse. It is equipped with monitor slots, sockets, a cable routing to the outside as well as a data interface to the onboard Furuno SC-70 Satellite Compass system which delivers precise position and motion data suitable for hydrographic survey.
In addition to safety at all levels, we attach great importance to the satisfaction of our passengers. The saloon of the "Wind Crew 1" is equipped with a ventilation and air conditioning, 2 flat screens with TV, Blue Ray and USB connection are available, Wi-Fi is provided. In the lobby a coffee machine and a drinks fridge is located for public use.

Offshore Windräder


The "WindCrew 1" was once built as a ferry for fast passenger transport in the Norwegian fjords. In its previous use as a ferry the vessel was equipped with seats for 68 people. Old newspaper reports exposing that the vessel was already popular with passengers back then. The dismantling of the seat capacities to currently about 30 seats gave a lot of space to improve the comfort of transfer and it released new storage space as well.

In 2010, the "WindCrew 1" hab been rebuild by its former owner Fred. Olsen Windcarrier Denmark A / S (previously Windcarrier Denmark A/S) for its new purpose as a crew transfer vessel. In this course the vessel underwent a major overhaul. The navigation electronics and safety equipment have been adapted to the actual standard and a 3rd seat installed on the bridge, e.g. to provide a comfort place for a charterers representative inside the wheelhouse. Furthermore a specially adapted bow fender from RG Seasight and a bow thruster was installed.


WindCrew1 WindCrew1 WindCrew1
Length overall: 19,2m
Width overall: 5,0m
Draft: 1,8m
Gross tonnage: 54,9t
Bunkers: 3000 liters MGO
Crew: 2-3
Passengers lounge: for 12 persons
Coffee maker  
Wireless internet  
FM radio  
3x Samsung LCD with DVD
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